MobilePath your mobility consulting partner and your Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA)

An MVNA purchases mobile airtime in bulk form the partner mobile operator adds its service platform and wholesales this airtime to multiple MVNOs, who each in turn sells the mobile service to end users.

A good MVNA will also provide a range of value added services to their MVNOs to lower the overall operational cost of the individual MVNOs. The major advantage to each MVNO is that they do not need to invest in, or operate, an expensive mobile billing and operations platform. Instead they just need to focus on sales and marketing activities.

It is estimated that an MVNA will reduce the fixed market entry costs of a MVNO by a factor of five. However, customer acquisition costs (the bulk of a MVNOs variable spends) remain. Furthermore, selecting an appropriate partner is far from straightforward.

MobilePath's consultants cover a wide range of knowledge on wireless products, services and technologies. Our work crosses the entire wireless industry worldwide - from content, applications, devices, services, and infrastructure to 3G, 4G and future OFDM networks, WLAN, fixed wireless, Bluetooth, wireless broadband, and mobile VoIP.

Service Include:
  • MVNO Services
  • Mobility Strategy Development
  • Start-up VP Sales & Marketing Services
  • Organizational Development / Consulting
  • Thought Leadership

Assist companies solve their wireless mobility communication challenges and delivers maximum value via a comprehensive mobility business strategy.
  • Hosted and managed BSS/OSS platform
  • Fully integrated Customer Care and Support facilities